Hand made Silver Gifts, made in England by British Silversmiths and struck with a full British Hallmark.

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The meeting of the British Hallmarking Council that was going to discuss the use of the anchor mark in Mumbai was supposed to take place in October after the public consultation had finished. We have been informed that this meeting will now take place early in 2018. A big thank you to everyone that has supported our campaign

Did you know that British hallmarks are currently being struck in Mumbai, India by the Birmingham assay office. At present they are using the famous Birmingham mark of the Anchor that is a symbol steeped into the heritage and history of Birmingham as a town mark.   WHY WE ASK?  Unless of course it is an attempt by importers that have their products made in India to decieve customers into believing an item is made in the UK when it is not.

We think that hallmarks struck overseas should be clearly identifiable and different to the hallmarks struck in the UK and hopefully a decision will be made by the British hallmarking council in january 2018 to support this?

Most of the items that are for sale on our website have been made in the UK. Most of them have been made in our own factory that is situated in Birmingham's famous jewellery quarter that is an area to the north of the City that once employed over 100,000 people involved in the Jewellery and allied trades.

We at The Silverware Shop are completely transparent in what we do and if you see our MADE IN BRITAIN TUDOR ROSE logo next to an item then rest assured that the item in question has been made in the UK.  If the Tudor rose logo is not displayed on an item it will still be of very good quality or we would not sell it but the item will not have been MADE IN BRITAIN. 


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