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Sterling Silver Ladies Gilloche Enamel Dressing Table Set
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Sterling Silver Ladies Gilloche Enamel Dressing Table Set featuring Orchids. This is a stunning example of a Hallmarked Silver Ladies dressing table set that has been gilloche enamelled with a floral scene on a white background with the subject matter being Orchids.
This brush set was made by Broadway and Company in Birmingham circa 1964 with a date letter "P"
For those that dont know how these beautiful dressing table sets were made they are stamped, assembled and polished which takes about eight hours per set. Then after being mounted on wooden blocks they are engine turned which is the pain staking process of cutting lines into the surface of the silver one at a time. After this they are hand painted one colour at a time starting with the white background and heated up to just below the melting point of silver to make the enamel run. This process is repeated after each colour is individually added until the picture is complete. The enamel is then smoothed over and fired one last time to achieve a mirror like finish.
It is very unlikely that these superb examples of British craftsmanship will ever be made again as they became cost prohibitive but more importantly the skills and knowledge of how to make them have basically been lost forever. I have personally made thousands of silver dressing table sets but have never actually seen these enamelled examples made as they had stopped making them before I entered the silversmithing trade back in 1973.
We only sell dressing table sets that have been refurbished in our own workshop and we only acquire sets that have only been used for display purposes as was common with these items. We always fit a new comb into the silver mount as the old combs have usually bent.
This set is in perfect condition and in its original case but unfortunately there is a blemish on the cloth brush where the enamel has suffered slight damage as shown in the last picture but the enamel is still in place. We are basically selling the hair brush, mirror and comb and giving the cloth brush away free.
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