Hand made Silver Gifts, made by British Silversmiths and struck with a full British Hallmark

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Did you know that British hallmarks are already being struck in Mumbai India by one of our own UK assay offices. At present they are using hallmarks that are identical to the hallmarks being struck in the UK. We think that hallmarks struck overseas should be different and clearly identifiable to the hallmarks struck in the UK.


If the present situation is allowed to continue then you the consumer will never again know where the item you are about to buy has been made or hallmarked.

Please click on the link below and read some more and then make your views known to THE BRITISH HALLMARKING COUNCIL.



You only have a few weeks as the consultation finishes on 22nd september. Without your support it could soon be all over for the famous British Hallmark. You can answer all or just some of the questions. Our viewpoint and main argument is that it is totally misleading for consumers to have a British hallmark applied to an item outside the UK as this makes you the consumer assume the item has actually been made in Britain.

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