Large Silver Plated Wine Coaster with Inlaid Rosewood base 140mm Diameter
Our Price: £ 75.00
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A Fantastic Silver Plated wine coaster with a stunning inlaid rosewood base. This is a large size coaster measuring 140mm (5.5 inches where the bottle rests). Made to the same excacting standards as our hallmarked silver wine coasters this one has a very durable deposit of silver plate on it so it is sure to become a treasured gift and a well used item. Our silver plated wine coasters are supplied gift boxed and free delivery is included in our price.
Size = 5.5 inches diameter. 140mm. Overall size = 165mm.

The inlaid rosewood bases that we use in our coasters are made from Indian Rosewood that is inlaid using an art called intarsia. This means that the rosewood is actually carved out and then other exotic tropical woods such as Fig are inlaid into the rosewood. Do not confuse this with marquertry which is a process that glues a layer of wood over a base.   We have actually had these rosewood bases in our stock for over 25 years but have never got round to putting them up for sale until now.  If we were to try and buy the rosewood bases today this large base would probably cost us at least £45.00 each assuming we could get them which is doubtful. This pattern is called Crab apple blossom. We may have some Rose as well but please enquire first


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